About James Tobin, Author

I am a Southern California native who’s had quite an experience from life. I’ve worked in a French restaurant. I served my country in the United States Navy as a hospital corpsman stationed in the sunny city of Naples, Italy. I work in education, currently. The common thread underlying all these experiences, however, has been a long, lasting love for literature.

I believe, if I can trust my memory, that I wrote something like my first “story” at the tender age of six: I believe that it was about a magical parrot. I loved the pure creativity associated with writing, and this is the biggest “perk,” so to speak, which I enjoy from honing and perfecting my craft. Having written several novels by the age of thirty, one of which was published in 2019, I have a solid grasp of my motivations as a writer of fiction.

Writing is the ultimate salve: it heals wounds. Knowing this firsthand, I invite you to join in the conversation. You’ll learn about the depths of your being—soul, psyche, and heart. And, in a world where nothing is as it seems, a world of alienation and commercialization, your craft might just be a mote of light in our dark times.