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“Wild and thought-provoking”

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“Chemical Philosophy is one of few books that makes me laugh while reading it in the library. There are a lot of memorable sections in the novel that shine with a bizarre kind of humor, and also parts that will make you concerned and sad for the characters. The references to Southern California (some of which are disguised) are a treat for anyone familiar with the area.”

“CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY is an amusing and sometimes laugh-out loud tale featuring a cast of quirky characters–including space aliens, Jesus Christ and Satan–and delightfully whimsical prose. Sort of a bizarre cross between Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett and Woody Allen’s early philosophical work. See you at Hagar’s Sports Bar and Steakhouse!”

“Chemical Philosophy is a fantastic adventure with more quirky characters than you can shake a stick at! As I read it, I found myself laughing as I turned the page. A great book from a growing author, it makes me want to read what ever he puts out next.”

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