What The Readers Are Saying . . . and Advice for the Disheartened

“Wild and thought-provoking”

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With my first published work, I made a small impact on a close group of beta readers and friends. I think that this is a welcome result, in that it exposed me to my skills’ reception by others. “Getting my foot in the door,” as the saying goes, was also a vital milestone along the course of my career in letters. Chemical Philosophy: A Novel of Discovery, weighing-in at roughly 180,000 words, was published in 2019 (Page Publishing), and it represented the crystallization (my preferred term) of nearly two decades’ worth of struggle colored by an intrinsic upward grasping for the light.

While this novel was hardly a commercial success, I was deeply encouraged to improve my craft by grace of the kind words shared by my readers—some of which are present on this little page. I have experienced, firsthand, the therapeutic effect of writing and art in its broadest, most encompassing sense, and I count it my highest honor to be a medium for this curative current. When I read the “blurbs” (what an awful, necessary word!) on my novel’s Amazon page, I feel over the moon.

Minor accolades, aside, it is the proceeding in one’s craft which yields the apogee of delight. I invite you to read the next book on your shelf with a mind not of awe, a mind not overwhelmed by the seemingly Herculean strength, resolve, and, in some cases, “grit,” required to author a novel of whatever stripe; rather, read with an eye which draws the grace and spirit of the written word and instills it in a mind ripe for cultivation. The human mind is capable of wonders—sometimes, these are sui generis, but most often, they are cumulative reflections.  

Welcome yourselves to reading as a conversation, not merely a lesson!


“Chemical Philosophy is one of few books that makes me laugh while reading it in the library. There are a lot of memorable sections in the novel that shine with a bizarre kind of humor, and also parts that will make you concerned and sad for the characters. The references to Southern California (some of which are disguised) are a treat for anyone familiar with the area.”

“CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY is an amusing and sometimes laugh-out loud tale featuring a cast of quirky characters–including space aliens, Jesus Christ and Satan–and delightfully whimsical prose. Sort of a bizarre cross between Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett and Woody Allen’s early philosophical work. See you at Hagar’s Sports Bar and Steakhouse!”

“Chemical Philosophy is a fantastic adventure with more quirky characters than you can shake a stick at! As I read it, I found myself laughing as I turned the page. A great book from a growing author, it makes me want to read what ever he puts out next.”

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