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James Tobin

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Maintaining communion with fellow writers advances creativity, insight, and our sense of depth as we work toward hammering out the mental stuff, which is elusive, and convey our transmuted ideas via the page. Of the elusiveness of our “mental stuff,” our thoughts, impressions, etc., it is evident that we can’t always convey what we wish to convey. A tragedy, perhaps? I prefer to think of it as an invitation unto that “communion,” mentioned before.

My name is James Tobin, and I am a Master of Fine Arts student at Southern New Hampshire University—now that we know each other, let me do away with the lofty voice and present to you a living nightmare: The story that your life’s achieved is all in your head; you just can’t write a word, and your characters won’t come across as the real-life people whom you’ve met unless you can shake off the old writer’s block. Enter: James. Maybe over a cup of chamomile tea, I’ll take stock of your motives as a writer, and try to pinpoint blockages, lending, of course, practical advice along the way. Because when it comes down to it, you know the story that you’ll share: it’s just a matter of practice and quality support from seasoned writers—there’s that “communion,” again.

So, stuck on an idea? Reach out! My prices are sensible and my warranty sound. Together, we’ll locate the gestalt of your story—and you’ll learn about your own capabilities, too! Reach out by email at! Fees to be negotiated.