James’s Published Work

“Chemical Philosophy: A Novel of Discovery” is one wild ride. Reviewers have called it “wild and thought-provoking” and notable for its deep “introspection.”

Chemical Philosophy: A Novel of Discovery was my first published work. It tells a story of spiritual travail and, alternately, shares a message of hope. Being the literary outgrowth of a very strange time in my life, Chemical Philosophy: A Novel of Discovery is at once a meditation on mental illness and also a satire on our odd reality.

Join Todd Johnson, Isaac Pugh, and Dr. Selene Ostrava as they forge new paths in the mind—and your own mind, well, it’ll definitely be challenged as this trio of psychopomps navigates addiction, epiphanies, and courts both life and death.

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Chemical Philosophy is a fantastic adventure with more quirky characters than you can shake a stick at! Reviewer